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1.This site is so clean and it contains no ads. Seems to be non-profit. Why are you doing this?

I love English and enjoy every bit of it. Reading, listening and watching English content is just a way to improve it. (And it’s definitely a fun way right?) Besides, I enjoy the different stories that were told in the movies and books. It’s like you can experience the various life in those stories, giving you a moment of peace away from the reality and surfing in the fantasy ocean. So with personal interest, I present you this website. One thing to notice, All resources are collected from the internet. It’s for general information purposes only. Your use of any of these things is at your own responsibility and risk. These fantastic works created by fantastic people deserve much more than just being shared and never appreciate to.

2.Where are the resources from? How do you deal with them?

Hey. I thought we had an agreement. No such kind of sensitive questions. Fine, I admit this is essential. Let’s just say, I collected them from all over the Internet.I pick books, movies and all other great resources which can help people learning English.

3.This site is pointless, isn’t it? Since all contents are collected from somewhere else?

First thing to admit, yeah, all contents are collected from the internet. But, this site does have its meaning. Actually, everyone can have everything from the internet, only if you have the ability and access to that kind of resources. Sometimes, you must face it that some resources are not easy to collect even if you are willing to pay for it. Above all, I choose all these excellent contents base on my learning experience. So, it is better for non-english speaker to learn from rather than random and endless contents you search on the internet.

4.Why is the site all typed in English if most of the visitors are from China?

This site is oriented to share English resources which can help people to enjoy learning English. Although there are many basic and elementary contents in this site, I don’t think most of them are for people who can’t even understand the simple structure and functions of this site, to be honest. Furthermore, an English site makes it less possible to get censored by the Chinese government (Nah, they won’t even bother. Most importantly, I just love the English fonts, and how they look on the page. Beautiful.